Stationery Rubber Bands

Newspaper BandMahakit to deliver quality rubber bands quickly and at a competitive price natural crepe or our colored compound bands with a special cut for added strength.

Anchor BandEasy to use, firm grip, environment friendly, and economical.

Rubber Balls BandGorgeous multicolor bands, efficient way to store rubber bands, approximately 200 bands per pack. It additionally relieves stress from busy working day by just squeezing.

X-BandOur X-band comes in assorted delightful colors and size, suitable for packing and organizing purpose such as parcel, box, books, diskette and CDs.

Printed BandQuality rubber bands imprinted with logos, names, catch-phrases, code numbers or patterns for promotional uses & identification.

Rubber Finger Cone BandFingers can work safely in the row in crops that have sufficient stem strength and root resistance, such as corn, strawberries, nursery stock.

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